About us

The GRILL-IMPEX company is a dynamically developing Polish enterprise specializing in the production of barbecue products and industrial production of charcoal for various applications. Our motto “Barbecue in good company” defines the strategy of our development on many levels. Grilling is associated not only with consumption, but above all with a pleasant time in good company. We want our products to be a guarantee of a successful time spent at the grill, as well as the taste of prepared dishes. We are aware that the expectations of our customers regarding the grilling process are getting higher in many areas of use. Therefore, we are constantly working on new solutions that will make traditional grilling much more friendly. The message of our motto is also a vision of the internal organization; we strive to make our work based on good management practices as well as a healthy and friendly atmosphere of cooperation.

For several years, GRILL-IMPEX has been developing a new department for the carbonization of organic materials for industrial purposes. We are aware that in the 21st century applications for organic coals can be found in many new fields, which is why we are intensively developing work on: Bio-coals and Bio-activated carbons.

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